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Columbia GSAPP Spring 2022 Identity

Branding for Columbia GSAPP’s Spring 2022 lecture and event series—including poster designs, social templates, animations, event title slides and Zoom virtual backgrounds.

To mark a transitional period in the department, we developed a series of tactile animations exploring raw, abstract materials in flux. Objects have energy—quiver with potential—and interact within an organic workspace. 


Client: Steffen Boddeker (Columbia GSAPP)
Art Direction: Melissa Deckert & Nicole Licht (PO1 Studio)
Design: Melissa Deckert & Nicole Licht (PO1 Studio)

Title screens were created to promote the daily events on GSAPP common space TVs. Each month’s events highlighted a specific object in motion, with an accompanying color scheme. 

Event-specific posters were created for daily promotion, maintaining the monthly color schemes:

Zoom backgrounds were provided for speakers hosting virtual events: