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Etsy is a global marketplace for unique handmade and vintage goods. From 2012-2016, I worked as a Senior Designer in their in-house Brand Design Studio—a small (at the time) and highly creative team split between Brooklyn and Berlin.

Our work spanned from internal initiatives, to in-person events, seasonal campaigns, and everything in-between. During my time at the company, Etsy was awarded the National Design Award in 2014, and went public in 2015.

Etsy Internal

Etsy’s brand and values were displayed across all internal applications—incorporating tactility and warmth wherever possible. Some examples include Etsy stationery, internal swag, seller giveaways, and laser-cut conference room signage (with a naming system combining food and bands). 

Etsy Holiday Campaign 2014

For Etsy’s global 2014 holiday campaign, shoppers were encouraged to “Unwrap Etsy” through printed and digital advertisements, social media assets, physical pop-ups and gift-wrapping stations available at select Etsy events.

Gift ideas and holiday wrapping paper available on were showcased throughout the campaign in a modular, flexible system. In-person events included illustrated wrapping paper by Jing Wei and customizable gift tags.


Creative Direction: Julia Hoffmann
Art Direction: Daniel Dittmar
Project Management: Eva Green
Design: Melissa Deckert
Illustration: Jing Wei
Gift Box Photography: Aaron Cameron Muntz
Copy: Wynne Renz

Etsy Valentine’s Campaign 2014

Etsy’s 2014 Valentine’s Campaign threaded the overarching message "Say I love you with Etsy," through multiple subway ads for the Canadian market. Each scene was inspired by various methods of making, enhanced by a unique line referencing the process. 


Creative Direction: Julia Hoffmann
Art Direction:
Daniel Dittmar
Project Management:
Eva Green
Paul Caiozzo & Nathan Frank
Design: Melissa Deckert
Set Design:
Melissa Deckert & Nicole Licht
Henry Hargreaves

Etsy Holiday Campaign 2013

Etsy sellers were encouraged to "break new ground"—both creatively and as business owners—during the holiday season for our 2013 seller-facing holiday campaign. This message was communicated across multiple deliverables including online educational materials, Scout Book notebooks, a letterpress and gold foil 2014 calendar, thank you cards, and a large scale mural for Etsy's pavillion at the Javitz Center.


Creative Direction: Randy J. Hunt
Art Direction: Jeremy Perez-Cruz
Project Management: Ashley Dawn Edwards
Design: Melissa Deckert & Nicole Licht
Prop Styling: Melissa Deckert & Nicole Licht
Copy: Wynne Renz
Photography: Aaron Cameron Muntz
Vinyl Letterforms: Big Secret Lasercutting