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Foreign Policy
Cover and interior illustration for Foreign Policy magazine’s summer print edition discussing Earth’s unlikely saviors confronting climate change—Who Will Save The Planet? 

To create this scorched Earth set, we used slabs of fibrous padding topped with a loose mud mask that dried and cracked into the perfect arid texture. To top it off, we sprinkled a combination of paint and spices—curry powder, ginger, cinnamon, paprika and ‘chicken seasoning’ to be exact—to get a rich brown color throughout.

The result was a VERY aromatic set piece we adorned with model trees and recycled plastic for the watering holes. For such a dire situation and serious topic, grateful for the opportunity and joy in creating. 


Client: Foreign Policy
Art Director: Lori Kelley

Set Design: Melissa Deckert & Nicole Licht (PO1 Studio)

Photography: Melissa Deckert & Nicole Licht (PO1 Studio)

Interior Spread

Social Animation