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Heater IV Album Artwork

Album artwork for Hunter Ferguson (aka Heater IV) for a set of four summer singles released in 2019. Hunter’s music mixes rap and funk with high energy delivery, centered around messages of positivity, renewal and gratitude. Drawing from his exuberant personality and infectious optimism, we developed four images to convey the message of the songs while reflecting an overarching concept to ‘stop and smell the flowers’.

Each image was designed to enhance Hunter’s stylish mix of masculine and feminine—incorporating light springtime colors, jewelry and some of Hunter’s own accessories. Faux natural elements were used to play up his DIY/thrift aesthetic, bring some humor and unite all 4 covers to the initial concept. Additionally, important cultural elements were included such as Hunter’s Rice High School basketball jersey, representing his Harlem community.


Client: Heater IV
Set Design: Melissa Deckert & Nicole Licht (PO1 Studio)
Photography: Melissa Deckert & Nicole Licht (PO1 Studio)