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Summer Empties

A personal project exploring the collaborative dynamic between Melissa and Nicole of Party of One Studio. 

With the immediate intent of recycling materials in our studio, our broader objective was to observe and re-learn one another’s creative tendencies outside of the realm of commissioned work.

Settling on aluminum cans as our vessel, we decided to create illustrated vases adorned with summertime motifs (to represent our ‘summer Friday’ personal time)—working independently at first, then influenced by one another, and finally with total collaboration. As we learned from each other's work, we created two final vases in tandem, as an exquisite corpse of illustrative techniques and learnings.

The final images capture the full spectrum of our artwork—showing the wide visual range we began with and the materialization of our collaborative process. Read more about the project here.


Client: Personal
Photography: Melissa Deckert & Nicole Licht (PO1 Studio)

Nicole’s Cans ︎︎︎      Collaborative Cans       ︎︎︎ Melissa’s Cans

Melissa’s First Round ︎︎︎

Melissa’s Second Round ︎︎︎

Melissa’s Third Round ︎︎︎

Melissa’s Fourth Round ︎︎︎

Nicole’s First Round ︎︎︎

Nicole’s Second Round ︎︎︎

Nicole’s Third Round ︎︎︎

Nicole’s Fourth Round ︎︎︎

︎︎︎ Collaborative Cans ︎︎︎