Reaching for summer, from my trip to Marfa last year—an image created for AARK collective watches.

Another image for AARK Collective, taken in Marfa, TX. 

FULL DRAMA - still life made with Nicole Licht

3D view of the final book cover. 

When you feel like a lump. 

Illustration based on a Washington Post article about the large number of underage weddings still occurring in the United States.

Process for a new book cover in the works...

Finally got the save the date I designed for good friends Danielle Mitchell and Deane Zelaya! Very grateful to work with a chill bride with good taste 😎. Printed by Able Letterpress in West Palm Beach. 

Back in NY after a great week in the sun painting my first 50 foot mural @elizabeth.ave.station! Thanks @gatherandseek and @danni_mitchell for making it all happen. Also to @sunascendant for help drawing in the lines 🙂 Great way to start off 2017. 

Day 1 remnants at Elizabeth Ave Station.

Very grateful people sometimes buy these things. Also, it's my one year freelance-iversary. Life is good. 

Repurposed some project leftovers to brighten my winter walls.

A sweet end to a crazy week.

Close ups for a new project in the works...

Before and after—hand painted leaves for Time Out.

Turning trash into treasure lately with an edition of hand painted plastic bags—the first item available in my newly minted ONLINE SHOP. Click shop above ^ 🙂

New project in the works with Nicole Licht!

Process shot of fall vibes for Time Out NY.

Full view with the final piñata piece!

Trying to remember that when hearts are broken you get to see what they're made of. #lovewins

Deriving an uncomfortable amount of joy from this P. 

Fresh Ds hot out the oven. 

I would personally rather live at a moderate pace and die old, but to each his own—little lettering sample created to celebrate a song release by two great people making great music: Stolar & Sun Ascendant. 

A few of the good things in life for @chelley_co

I am seldom afforded the luxury of taking my time, but as it turns out, the more time I take to try new things, the more ways I discover to start over...or decide not to?

Anyway, whatever I'm making two of these now. 

Negatives of a book cover in the works...

My last (official) project at Etsy! Lettering for the Etsy + Macy's partnership coming soon...

The finished tote for the Macy's x Etsy partnership!

It's fun when props smell this nice—product photography for Kypris. 

Finally getting around to posting an old project for Pepsi, art directed by Chandelier Creative. The goal was to create and loose and liquified tagline that could work in many different sizes and colors. While I'm only showing some of the final sketches and vectorization, we went through many iterations exploring shape, thickness, movement and overall does-this-look-like-it-could-be-made-of-goo-ness. 

Sadly the project was killed, but I loved spending so much time analyzing the letterforms and trying to (literally) flow throughout the process. 

Fancy lunch lettering for Vox Media!

A little type sample created for Chelley Co.

Artwork for a mural at Etsy, Toronto.

Peek at printed version of these floral zodiac cards created in collaboration with Chelley Co! Foils represent the 4 elements, and each version is illustrated with the flower corresponding to that month. Added bonus, I now have a simpler way to know what flowers to get someone on their birthday...

Snag 'em while they're hot!

Fun exercise in shaded typography from Alex Trochut's class at Cooper—Letter Puzzles. 

Definitely something new for me, but I'm getting into this textural type! Now all I want to do is build a full-scale model out of real feathers...

Etsy 10th anniversary photo shoot. 

Camouflaged side views...

Camouflaged cool blues for my final quote of the week on AIGA Design! "Be a keen observer of the ordinary" - Vincent Contorno. 

A wonky, warped still life for Day 4 - "Art is anything you can get away with" - Andy Warhol

Cake eaten with the help of good people for Day 3 - "People matter most" - Randy J. Hunt.

A personal mantra for Day 2 - "One of the best protections against disappointment is to have a lot going on" - Alain de Botton

Process shot of a gold-star-infused quote for Day 1 on AIGA Design! "Everybody is trying" - Amanda Jasnowski. 

Day 1 on AIGA Design! "Everybody is trying" - Amanda Jasnowski. 

Taking a final look at my zodiac card line with Chelley Co! So excited to get these foiled beauties to print. 

Some shifty lettering for your Friday night.

Holidays have me feeling...

I've been weaving away this holiday season. More updates in my Etsy shop soon!

Gold-foiled love bombs sent to Etsy sellers for the new year. Complete with a handwritten thank you card from Etsy admin and a postcard to pay it forward. 

Randy's a natural! Behind the scenes of Etsy's sixth Instagram video—Unwrap your Wanderlust.

Behind the scenes shot of the fourth Etsy video—Unwrap your new best friend. Side note, those chains also made a great halloween costume. See the cuteness in action on Etsy's Instagram.

Behind the scenes shot of the second Etsy video—Unwrap your family traditions! So much love for all the people in this video, especially Twiggy, our in-house reindeer.

Behind the scenes shot of the first Etsy video—Unwrap your fuzzy feelings. Those surprisingly obedient bunnies definitely stole the show, and were probably the most ridiculous thing I witnessed during this whole video process. 

Jing Wei and Mohawk the cat make their acting debut alongside eternal eggs and bacon.

Behind the scenes shot of the first Etsy video—Unwrap your fuzzy feelings. Those surprisingly obedient bunnies definitely stole the show, and were probably the most ridiculous thing I witnessed during this whole video process. 

All 3 covers for the US, Italian and French Etsy lookbooks. 

US spring/summer lookbook lettering for Etsy

Embroidered type to kick off this year's Craft Party at Etsy. The theme for 2013 is Recapture: bring new meaning to your photographs. Most notable of the diys—embroidering on your old photos. 

Standing in front of our completed floral mural for Etsy's One of a Kind Christmas pavillion in Chicago. Excited to see what happens when we give everyone paint markers to color in the lines. 

What better way to break in our new office space at Etsy than with a studio-warming party, complete with crudités spelling out "Welcome" for all of our guests.

One of three completed panels waiting to be photographed for Etsy's 2013 holiday campaign. Fun fact, pom poms make a very good sand smoother. 

Two panels waiting to be photographed...

Testing out ideas for Etsy's holiday campaign...

4 hours, 2 beers and 1 stick of chalk later, I've finally wrapped up this mural in Etsy's headquarter office. Hope this makes the kitchen a little bit brighter. 

Process sketch for Etsy's kitchen mural.

Work type piece to end 2012. 

Getting rid of some old work. 

An effort to properly lay to rest Prattonia 2012's massive paper installation, almost one year after its creation.